Chemical Warehouse Associate- Waterbury, CT

Seeking a job for life? This tiny, tight-knit, 90+ year old company offers you rock-solid career stability, work-life separation, encouragement to grow, and the opportunity to learn all aspects of the business. They are now debt-free, and are in a growth phase. It doesn’t get any more hands-on than this– the boss, the V.P., even the president routinely spends time on the floor packaging chemicals. Once home, no one here sends night work-related emails. You’ll be packaging custom chemical orders, labeling, shipping, researching international shipping regulations, producing safety data sheets and certificates of analysis, managing hazardous waste disposal, quality testing, helping with facility upkeep, and more. There is plenty of “grunt work”.  Some of the materials can be corrosive, poisonous, and flammable, so in these instances, employees wear Tyvek suits, respirators, and Nytril gloves. Later on, you will be handling technical service duties. Nobody leaves here. The V.P. has been here 20 years, the shipping & receiving employee has worked here 22 years, another one 16, and the retired employee you are replacing was here 10 years. The president, here over 20 years, an extremely down-to-earth chemical engineer, is an astute businessman with a friendly, forthright, transparent manner.  Salary depends on education and experience, and ranges from $45,000 to $65,000. I will show them qualified candidates with requirements to $70,000. Additionally, there is a merit bonus based on “longevity, attitude, dedication, and learning” after the 1st year. Benefits include 55% company paid medical, long term disability, life insurance, AFLAC dental, a 4% company-matched 401 (k) plan,and more. Requires permanent U.S. residency, previous training in handling hazardous chemicals, ability to lift 50+ lbs., a dedication to safety, and the goal of creating a long term career. They really want previous HAZWOPER training or military experience in “Chemical Biological & Radiological”, “CBR”. The company is not interested in candidates who change jobs every year or two, or someone who seeking an “in-between” position. They are not willing to train in handling hazardous chemicals.

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